FR Demo

Update 10.04.2019: This demo page is 10 years old. Go to my GitHub Profile and get the code. I think I will use the wiki in one of the GitHub repos to explain how it works.

An Html fragment can be valid Xml which can be transformed into text by the application and then loaded as always. It is possible to write out the event data using normal html tags, so that it can be displayed directly by a browser, better than the text itself - when styled. This is kind of cool I thought, but in the latest version you can also use json to write out the data.

The data file can be used:

  • Directly with Html page
  • with Desktop Applications (FR01)
  • with Angular SPA applications (FR03A1)
  • even with Silverlight apps (./DemoIndex.html) which are outdated by now.

The same data that the Desktop Application can load from the website can also be viewed in the Browser - if the data was published in html format. Html as a complete data format was added to the FR system in 2012, in addition to Xml and Txt. The Write button in FR01 will post data in html format by default.

Die Daten, die FR01 (Desktop Applikation) von der Webseite laden kann sind auch im Browser darstellbar. Mit Hilfe von JavaScript können Sie komfortabel browsen, sofern die Daten im Format Html abgelegt wurden. Html als vollwertiges Datenformat wurde 2012 ergänzt, zusätzlich zu Xml und Txt. Der Write Button im Programm FR01 kann im Format Html posten.

Update 2019: Json has been added as a format. The Angular client applications, the node server, and the Asp.Net server will work best with json data.