Feder Memo (FM)

The Federgraph Memo (FM) will show the model data as text, which you can copy.
Image of Federgraph Memo with model data text.

These blocks of model data text can be shared in many ways.

Find the sample-data repository on GitHub or the download link to the zip file. Drop the sample-data text onto the drop target of the application, paste via the clipboard, or load from file with the file open dialog, if present.

In the following preformatted block I just repeat the content of a typical readme.txt in that zip file. This is what you should expect. I cannot keep it in sync. The readme should have current info.

Version = 1

This is for Windows.
Should be extracted into a Federgraph folder with subfolders.
I have included a Version number (whole number).
I think in the future it will be on GitHub only.
You can create better samples.

A selection of text files with model and view param data, 
and options of course.
Some of these samples are more than 4 years old.

Some *.hlsl files ready for dropping.
These files contain the vertex-shader-snippets.
The snippets define the function to plot.

Sample data embedded in a bunch of html tags.
An alternative form of sharing the data.
Can contain up to three pieces of embedded text,
model-data, color-data, and a vertex-shader-snippet.

It is still early and I am trying out a blend of interesting content. Mac uses glsl shader code instead of hlsl code - so it may make sense to split the download.

Some existing builds of the app do not include the orthographic camera. They can only use the perspective camera. So when you have samples taken with orthographic projection active and you load the sample into an app which only has perspective projection - it may not look as expected. There are some nice samples which I do not include for that reason. The orthographic camera will be standard in the future and we will eventually have a good set of sample data.

I will not archive the sample data zip file if it changes. What I said above is valid, please check out the sample-data repository on GitHub.

An idea of an alternative form of sharing Federgraph data is given below. Check it out.