This help text and the app itself is always work in progress. I have already changed this text here as I am converting it to markdown, but I did not change the text that is compiled in the app. This help text needs to be on GitHub and maintained by the community.

FREO is a variation of the FR-SPA.

FR = fleet race
SPA = single page application
FREO = Fleet Race Event Only app
Local Storage Key = 'fr-event-data'
Project Name = FR03E
Semantic Version = 1.0.0-beta.x

License is GPL 3.0, since I have published the source on GitHub.

This is the event only version of the app.

Getting Started

  1. Click Reset button, it will load the default test event and show the event table below the input area.
  2. The test event has two races.
  3. Navigate through the races with R- and R+ buttons.
  4. Click Next button, it will take you to Race 1.
  5. Because button Next has figured out where we are in the progress of the event - the first race.
  6. Notice how the current race is displayed as part of the input header line.
  7. Click on the circular fab buttons (floating action buttons).
  8. At least once: select the dnf radio button before you click.
  9. Notice how the radio selection will jump back to finish when you click a fab.
  10. The fab just clicked will turn blue.
  11. Click Next again when all fabs have been used.
  12. You will be advanced to the next race, please check.
  13. Continue with the fabs.
  14. Play with the toolbar icon buttons, most of them have the Reduce To action type.
  15. Some of the buttons will toggle, some will show, hide, or have an action type of Reduce To.
  16. Go ahead and input finish positions for Race 2.
  17. There are only two races in this test event.
  18. When done, examine that series scoring is correct in table event.
  19. Adjust the number of throwouts with button T+ and T-.
  20. Note that you can sort the html table with a click on the column header.
  21. Find the Pre-Text area and use it to copy result data in compact format to the clipboard.
  22. Try and paste the text data you just copied into your favorite code editor program.
  23. I assume that you test in Chrome on the desktop before you use it on a tablet or even a phone.

You need to input a finish position or a status value for all the entries in a race.

Some magic will be used, called strict input mode.

On the desktop with only eight entries in the race, everything seems to be fast and snappy.

Change data, make corrections for a bib in a race.

What if there are problems, mistakes, special situations?

//in the text area html element
//event data, loaded in relaxed input mode

EP.IM = Strict

Copy the finish positions from the black board after the fact.

We take it easy with athlete names in this app.

Start with the recording of finish positions.

There are variations of the application:

Copyright 2018, all rights reserved.

Lauch FR Event Only (FREO) Angular SPA

The current version is on GitHub, see repository FR03E1.