Federgraph Meme Builder Examples

Example 1

Foreground is just fake background.
Meme Builder

Example 2

In the image below you can see that I used a screenshot from my iPad as a background image in the Federgraph App (FC98U), and that I have then used a screenshot of FC98U as the background image in Meme Builder App (FC96).

Federgraph Meme Builder App, at show time.
Meme Builder

Example 3

There are now two projects in the GitHub repository. MB01 is the project which has a button frame that can be hidden. It helps a lot because you do not have to remember all of the keyboard shortcuts.

Project MB01 with button frame.
Meme Builder

You cannot see the circular button at raster position (1, 1) if the frame (a TLayout) is hidden, but it is still there and can be clicked. Alternatively use the keyboard key assigned to the faToggleTouchFrame action in order to toggle the visibility of the layout.