Info regarding Federgraph, Fleetrace and Trimmm420 apps.

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About my applications


Fleetrace, or just FR, is a timing and scoring application which computes results on the client. Originally a Delphi desktop application, parts of it have been rewritten in Java, C#, Silverlight and Angular/Typescript.


Rigg, or just RG, is a special sail boat rig simulation program. I bought my first own PC because I wanted to write this. This was after I had researched and planned for it using paper and pencil. First version, written in Delphi 1, was ready in December 1995.


Federgraph, or just FC (FMX Canvas), is a 3D function plotter app written for a specific problem. The project started in 2012 as a Delphi FMX cross platform project.

Angular FR

Angular FR is an open source timing and scoring app for sailing to enable quick, unofficial results.

Angular RG

Angular RG is a 420 rig trim simulation app.

The only way forward is to collaborate :

Type Lang Name Size Repository link
Desktop C# FR01 L fleetrace-csharp-wpf
Desktop Delphi FR01 L fleetrace-delphi
Desktop Delphi FR69 XL fleetrace-delphi
Desktop Java FR99 L fleetrace-java-fr99
Web Html   XS fleetrace-example-data
Web C#   S fleetrace-aspnet-web
Web TS   S fleetrace-node-proxy
Web TS   S fleetrace-node-server
SPA TS   L fleetrace-angular-fr03a1
SPA TS   M fleetrace-angular-fr03e1
SPA TS   S fleetrace-angular-fr05i
SPA TS   S fleetrace-angular-fr05j
SPA = Single Page Application (web client)
TS = Typescript