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FC Federgraph is a special purpose 3D application.
RG Rigg is the Trimm420 sail boat rig simulation program.
FR Fleetrace is a timing and scoring application which computes results on the client.

Published Apps

Please find the “Federgraph” App in the Microsoft Store

Also you can search for “Trimm 420” in the App Store (Windows, Mac, iOS)

Trimm 420 is back on the Android

The above icon is the new one for mobile targets (iOS, Android). To find the 2024 version of Trimm 420 in Play Store it is best to search for the package name de.riggvar.trimm instead of the app name, or use the image link above.


The Federgraph application has educational value and the artwork shown is being discovered rather than created. All this by interactively changing the value of a multitude of parameters, one at a time, with the mouse wheel.

The latest development has focused on exporting higher quality data, both 3D mesh data and 2D path data, intended to facilitate the production of physical versions of the Federgraph character.

Federgraph in 3D Viewer

Read more about the 2023 Federgraph sculpture project.

Trimm 420

A recent version of the Trimm 420 application is available from the Windows Store.

The latest version is considered to be the Delphi FMX project with 2D graphics. Please find the source code of this project on GitHub.

Going forward, it is anticipated that native apps for specific platforms will appear, smaller applications perhaps, which look similar to RG34:

Use RG34 and latest Visual Studio to run the app in the debugger.

Read more about the status of the Trimm 420 project.

Angular Demo Apps

In 2018 I spent time learning about Angular development and built demo applications for FR and RG. You can still try out the result via the links below.