Angular Demo Apps

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My private projects

FR Fleetrace is a timing and scoring application which computes results on the client.
RG Rigg is the Trimm420 sail boat rig simulation program.
FC Federgraph is a special 3D function plotter app.

Apps in the Store

Please search for “Federgraph” App in the Windows 10 Store

Search for “Trimm 420” App in the Store (Windows, Mac, iPad)


The Federgraph application needs users to keep it in the store, please have a look, you can use the app to create Memes, but you could also use it to plot your own z = f(x, y) functions fast! When I say fast I mean the speed of computation, it will be done on the GPU.

Trimm 420

Start by using the free Trimm420 iPad App (without space between Trimm and 420).

The latest version is a Delphi FMX project with new 2D graphics. You can find the source on GitHub.

Last years version of Trimm 420 application is available from the Windows Store. This is currently a free app, you do not need to pay. I intend to update it later with something very close to the source at GitHub.

There is also a Mac app, which is currently a payed app.


Goto the site Map and find the Easter Egg.