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Open source timing and scoring app to enable quick, unofficial results.
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fleet race

This is a timing and scoring program which computes results on the client. Originally a Delphi desktop application, it has been rewritten in java, C#, and Silverlight. The latest version of the project is a Typescript / Angular app.



This is special. A sail boat rig simulation program. I bought my first own PC because I wanted to write this program. First version in Delphi 1, 1995. Has seen many platforms.



A 3D function plotter app written for a specific problem. The project started in 2012 as a Delphi FMX cross platform project, you can find a recent version of it in the Windows Store.

Angular RG

The 420 rig trim simulation, super light version.
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About this static only site

No user data is collected. There is no web form. You cannot log in or post data to I have chosen the long term, economy plan for this site. There is no server side code and no database, just static html files and other static content. Static content includes client side javascript demo applications built with Angular.

About Project FR

FR is the project I have been working on since 2003 and which has been paused between 2011-2017. In 2018 I added an Angular client to the project.

Currently I am working on a UWP version of the client app (Visual Studio, C#) using the Toolkit DataGrid. Next I will write a small sample core web application (demo), which may result into a revised api. Then I will update the existing Delphi desktop app, which - you may not know - can also take on the server role and host the angular client.

Work on the Swift version for OSX has not started yet.

I have no intention to manage web space for FR user data, nor do I provide the compute power for real time connectivity between clients (live events). You have to take control over this aspect, but a will be glad to help.

I will however continue to maintain a family of companion desktop apps which you might want to use.

The open source route has started with the Angular project. Let's see if the project can find users. I guess this is an opportunity if you want to build and deploy something faster and better - e.g. a modern time paperless system for the event data of your club or organization.

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